Sweden’s hottest indie icon is back! Nina Natri, singer of the nineties indie band Fidget,
is making a comeback.

As leader of the Gothenburg band Fidget, she put their mark on the indie Sweden with songs like “To Hell With Music (It Makes No Sense)” and “Living on Video”. Since then, Nina Natri has lent her distinctive voice to both Homy and Universal Poplab. In February, she released her self-produced solo debut “Lovers United”, an album that promises epic pop and incredible beats.

Nina Natri makes awaited return and solo debut in the same intensive popexplosion. “I’m Still Standing” is written by Nina Natri with Jon Axelsson (Melody Club) and mastered by Andreas Tilliander.

In ”I’m Still Standing” the Gothenburg indie-sound catches up with the electronic pop music when revolutionary leader Natri is at the cutting edge of love barricades. In this first release as a solo artist, she stands tall to fight for the remedy for all broken hearts. Nina Natri proves again she is one of Swedens most interesting artists, and that her distinguished reputation is stronger than ever.

“I’m Still Standing” was released on the
7th of December 2010 on Lovers United Recordings.

The album “Lovers United” was released on the 24th of June 2011.